Officiant, Commitment advice, and gift

 I love the photo above, not b/c it is C & I's first kiss, but becuase our officiant is looking on with such
a look of awe, and blessing and C's brother Mike has such a genuine smile on his face.. 

When C and I got engaged one of the things we both knew we wanted was an outdoor wedding. We soon learned this meant we would not be married by the Catholic church. We learned that it is up to each diocese to decide if they will preform marriage ceremonies outside of the church. Tallahassee (and we learned also Jacksonville) will not preform the ceremony outside. With that being decided for us, we knew we could either turn to the listing of officiants online, or to a friend/family member. We consider ourselves uber blessed to have had a close friend preform our marriage ceremony. Rev. Chris (yes he got ordained prior to our wedding) is a close friend,  to both of us. (and husband to my bridesmaid Amy) Prior to being ordained I actually often refereed to him as Dr. Chris when talking with friends as not to confuse my Chris and Amy's Chris. Chris is not only a great guy, but a someone to look up to as a role model of an excellent husband, father, and friend. An added bonus for us, he is a great public speaker with a presence. When asked he was gracious, giving it some thought, and upon accepting taking his job seriously. As I mentioned he was ordained, he practiced the ceremony (Amy noted he married the grill and the lawn chair when practicing at home), and he took the time to write the most amazing "homily" or sorts, surprising us at the wedding with heartfelt advice. It was too good not to share so see below..

Now, Britain and Chris you’ve gathered your friends and family together to celebrate this special day with you. There’s no doubt that you will be receiving some advice today.  Please allow me to share some of mine.

Marriage is love in motion.  Do not be just married or just in love.  Marriage is an act of creation.  Both of you are creating a life as individuals and a life together.  Create a marriage that continuously works on balancing the needs of the individual and the needs of the marriage.  Nurture each other.  Set goals to work on together and nurture in each other the goals each one of you has as a person.    Finding this balance requires not only love but a deep friendship.  Be good friends to each other.  Enjoy each other.  And perhaps most importantly, have fun with each other!  You are creating something that is good, wholesome, and very worthwhile.  Do these things and I tell you, you have built something that can weather life’s storms.  And when you head into your twilight years, you’ll be able to hold hands and say “We did it right”.

Britain and Chris this celebration is the outward token of your sacred union of hearts, which I bless, and the state makes legal. It is a union created by your loving purpose and kept by your abiding will. It is in this spirit and for this reason that you have come here to be joined together,
So what do you get such an amazing friend, and officiant as a gift. Well a basket of his fafavorite IPAs of course. Chris is quite the beer officiant, so we worked with Louis at Market Square Liqours to create a basket just for him. We utilized a wicker basket, 1 inch gross grain ribbon, and the stickers we had created (more on those to come) and created a basket that he will be enjoying for weeks to come! 

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