London.... take 3...

our 3rd day in the city of London..

We started our day like most on the Tube- taking the Piccadilly line to Holborn, and the Central line to St. Paul's.  St Pauls Cathedral. We loved the Cathedral. It might be my favorite in London. There are no photos allowed inside, but I truly went to town taking photos outside! As you can tell.

We also went to Kensington Palace. (which is the Queensway stop on the circle line)While Kensington Gardens are beautiful (even in winter) I was less than impressed with the Palace tour. I am not sure what I was expecting (but knowing that Diana lived there while raising Henry and William, and that Will and Kate have a cottage on the grounds.. I expected more) The palace is truly very Touristy.. and felt like a Disney version of a British History lesson, rather than seeing historical/modern state apartments. We snapped a few photos out front, checked out the Queen Victoria Exhibit (which was worth it)

 While I love the wallpaper in the hallway at Kensington Palace. This speaks to how the palace has been turned into a bit of a tourist attraction, and is less historical then other Castles we visited.

then headed to the nearby Queen Anne's Orangery for afternoon Tea. 

Following Tea... C and I visited Harrods,  meet my college friend Stephanie for drinks at Wine Bar near Charing Cross (I'll update with the name when it comes to me) and called it a night semi early so we could reflect on all we had done, and things we wanted to due during our time in London..

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