Our 3rd day in London, we opted to venture out of the city, and headed to Stonehenge. While I joke that the day "Rocked" .. It was truly something that C wanted to see. While it is a 2 hour drive from the city, I firmly believe it was worth it, and something everyone should do ONCE... It was a FREEZING cold day, with strong winds, and even snow flurries.

 The good news is due to the cold, there were not very many people at Stonehenge so we got great photos. I also used the time to experiment with the settings on our new camera, and am quite happy about how the photos came out.

 It is crazy to think how Stonehenge was built so many years ago without modern technology. 
They believe it held two purposes it is a burial ground. There are burial mounds all around the rocks. 
They also think it was used as somewhat of a calendar to tell them when to plant.. 

 These photos illustrate how windy and cold it was.. CRAZY!!!

 We did manage to get this great photo of the two of us, one of the few from the trip..

So ... after Stonehenge.... we headed back to London, and were able to enjoy great dinner at a local Pub, and photos of the Tower Bridge, and of the oldest Church in England- All Hallows (Love how they turned out.. We tried to get one of the two of us, (no dice, the fellow tourist kept cutting us out)

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