Wedding Programs & Giveaway

When we decided we would be having an outdoor wedding in March, I knew the weather could go either way. So I wanted to ensure we planned for both. Fan programs seemed like a simple way to ensure our guests would be covered if spring came early, and simple enough that if the weather went the other way (which it did) they would not be out of place.

I worked with a graphic designer out of New York, via ETSY and was beyond happy with how they turned out. I emailed Lorenzo, the link to this prior blog post where I highlighted some ideas. I also shared with him my wedding inspiration board on pinterest! From there we worked to design a program that was simple yet included all the elements we wanted. Lorenzo worked with us every step of the way.

our program photos have been removed for privacy reasons. Will update with photos shortly!

 When the programs arrived C & I added 1 inch navy satin ribbon to fan handles!

Below are some other fans Lorenzo has created.  Be sure to check out the ETSY shop, and contact him if you are interested in creating wedding fan programs of your own! 
Be sure to let him know I sent ya.. and I'd love to see how they turn out... 
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