Ahoy It's A Boy- Nautical Shower..

This past weekend, I traveled to Amelia Island, Florida to co-host a baby shower for my best friend (she is due the end of the month) When I found out she was expecting a boy, I immediately started planning a nautical themed shower in my head (and on Pinterest) We both share a love of all things nautical, so it seemed like a natural fit. Since I live nearly three hours aways, when Joy's local friends Kristin & Heather volunteered to co-host I was over the moon excited. Both ladies were great to work with. 
I worked with my friend Christine, at Great Oak Circle to design the invitations.

I printed customized address labels, and host seals...

With three people hosting, it was important to work together to ensure the decor was cohesive. Below are some of the elements that we created.
Diaper Cake and Diaper "wreath" (nautical lifesaver)
Mason Jars with red straws & kraft paper hang tags
 (always an acceptable cup in the south)
Nautical knot ropes, and napkins with Lifesavers tied to them.. 
 I decided to be crafty, and cut a box to make it into a boat & wrapped the present in the haul
BabyGap  has the cutest nautical onsies this season. They made for great decorations and are a take away for the mom to be.. 

Food and Desserts..
Joy has celiacs, so we worked to ensure the menu was gluten free, and had something for everyone. I worked with Leah from PrintasticDesign on coordinating Nautical paper goods. 
Spinach artichoke dip, & corn chips
 Fruit boat (hallowed watermelon filled with fruit) and Fish Trifle (blue jello, with Swedish fish)
Nautical themed food tents, and anchor paper from PrintasticDesign
 Gluten Free cupcakes
Nautical themed inserts from PrintasticDesign

Ocean Punch
2 packets blue Kool-Aid
2 (2 liter) bottle Ginger Ale
1 (64 oz) bottle White Grape Juice
whole container of pineapple sherbet
Deviled egg boats

 Vegi Skewers and dip..
 Guest take away's Goldfish, and packaged brownies (bag toppers from PrintasticDesign)

Shower Snapshots. 
Lottie opening her Big Sister gift. This girl is enamored with horses (nay's) she even tried to ride her new stuffed horse. C was excited to see she liked it as he had picked it out
me with Lottie (the big sister of the Baby) 
  I think it is safe to say she loved the cupcakes

 Are you hosting a shower or birthday party soon?
I'd encourage you to check out  PrintasticDesign
for printable that will take your party to the next level!!!

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  1. You have the cutest ideas :)

  2. I love your Nautical Shower. My sister in law is having her first baby (a boy) and going all Nautical. I want to make her the diaper wreath, If possible can you tell me your secrets to make it?? Thank you