Boxwood Wreath Workshop


This Sunday, I joined good friend, JennySue, and we headed to Goodwood Plantation Museum and Gardens for a Boxwood wreath workshop. I must say it was a great experience, and truly fun for me to be back on the property for the first time since our wedding.

The Goodwood staff was delightful as always, and welcomed us upon arrival, and explained how to create the Boxwood wreath. They had a wreath on display for us to see the finished product.

We started with the wreath form below. It was created with a wood base, and then covered in Oasis floral sponge, tied on with floral tape. Some were attached with duct tape

 We then used boxwood that the staff had cut & soaked in water overnight to create our wreath. It was great to see how everyone had a different vision in mind. Some started in the center, filling it first. Others worked from the outside in. I took the approach of filling a 2-3 inch area completely and then moving around. On the inside of the wreath I used pieces that were around two inches in length, on the top, and outside I used pieces about 3 inches in length.

Above you can see the full boxwood branch, and my wreath in the early stages
 My finished wreath. Once I had it completed. I hung it to fill in any gaps.
There was a showing of around 25 ladies! I attended with neighbor & friend Jennifer Sue, (left) and were were excited to run into fellow Alpha Chi Alumna, Betty (right).
 Above are our finished wreaths! Mine is on the left, Jenn's on the right!
The wreath now lives on C & I's back porch door. I can't wait to add a red ribbon to it for the season!

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