FSU football fan.... a look back at 1999 vs 2013

2013 was an exceptional year for Florida State Athletics.

Monday, the Football will play for the  National Championship, the first time since 1999.
& since everyone is comparing the two seasons, I began thinking while the Football seasons are so similar, life in 1999 seems like worlds away...


1999 was my freshman year of college, and truly an amazing one to be a 'Nole!
I lived in Broward Hall.  I was a new member in Alpha Chi Omega.
In '99, tickets were included in our tuition, we picked up the seasons tickets at the beginning of the year, and we turned in tickets a week ahead of time, for fraternities to camp out for the best "block."
I attended fraternity tailgates prior to the game, sat in the student section in the "block"
I was a Lady Spirithunter, and worked to "paint faces" of fans prior to the game.
We celebrated wins, with trips to Tennessee strip, and the Sweetshop.
My weekdays were consumed with class, evenings with socials, pomping parties, & mystagouge reveals.
My non-football weekends, were filled with new member retreat, initiation, & trips home.. 

The Seminoles went wire to wire.. and went to the national championship held in my home state of Louisiana at the Sugar Bowl. I traveled with sorority sisters to the game, we crammed 8 people in a hotel room , spent nights on Burbon street, days on Magazine/Jackson Square, and celebrated a 46-29 win over Virginia Tech, and headed back to attend spring classes

 Fast forward to 2013.... the Noles did it again! They went wire to wire, and are headed to the BCS Championship in Pasadena..

Chris and I opt'd not to purchase season tickets this year as we would be unable to attend all games.
We spent much of our PTO in the spring with our wedding and honeymoon..
Come fall, we spent our weekdays, and some weekends at work... we did make it to two home games!
I spent some days/evenings at the Alpha Chi house, but this time as an advisor, attending chapter, standards, or executive board meetings.
Ee spent free time wedding planning, making improvements on the house, or attending baby/wedding showers of friends and family....
We traveled to Clemson, and make a vacation out of it, staying in Cashiers for some R&R.
I was able to attend the spear lighting ceremony, which close friends Aggie and Don were asked to light the spear prior to the FSU vs UF game.. 

Yes life has changed since 1999, but I am still cheering on my Noles!!
This year, I will be cheering the Noles on from Tallahassee, as the Mister and I are saving to attend his brothers wedding later this year in Italy (any suggestions for Naples, Almafi coast, Rome, etc welcome) ..

I am proud to have attended and graduated from The Florida State University. And win or loose I will continue to support my Noles.

Looking for inspiration for what to serve during the game watching party be sure to check out my Pinterest, and my favorite appetizers!

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