Italy dreaming....

No matter what form of social media I log onto I see Seminole friends/sisters traveling to Pasadena for the big game tonight. I must admit at first thought, I am a bit envious, and for a split second , I second guess our decision.

Why are the mister and I not traveling to the big game? Well becuase, we made a commitment to put family first in 2014, and for us this means choosing to attend a family wedding in Italy...

One day we will win the lottery & be able to travel as much as we'd like, but until then we will make choices. Choices that will be made together, and made based on our shared set up principals, goals, dreams and commitments..

And in all honestly, after that split second of envy, I am refocused. Focused on what lies ahead.  I look forward to the adventure.. a new country, a new sister-in-law, time with family, and maybe even time to catch up with a friend who is currently living in Naples. I look forward to the planning, the research, and constant weighing of options as we work to plan our trip.

I look forward to visiting a new country, and destinations that will expand my knowledge of different cultures & ways of life. 
I look forward to a vacation that will allow up to fill our hearts with love, celebrating family and future.
I look forward to visiting the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and maybe if we are lucky catching the Pope.
I look forward to a vacation that will leave us rested, and ready to return to work for the holiday season.
I look forward to Chianti, fresh fruit, Italian food, and for the Mister Gelato (not my favorite)

Have you visited Italy?
Do you have any suggestions on things we have to be sure to see/do?
As of now we are looking into Rome, Pisa, Almafi Coast, Naples, and Pompeii

We know we will have to make it back to visit Cirque de Terre, Venice, and Florence..

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