Absense and my goal of Reading in 3's.....

Let me first start by stating that I have been noticeable absent from the blog for a little over 5 months now. Please excuse the interruption, let me explain- Life Happened.. and simply put I was too busy "doing life" to sit down and blog! But the good news is I'm back, and refreshed and ready to write.

So what have I been up to...
work, travel, volunteer, decorating our home, and working to better myself & the world around me..
More on all of the above in future posts..

On the eve of my 33rd birthday I made a personal commitment to better my mind and body. Two of my biggest goals were cutting Diet Coke out of my life and reading more.

I just simply stopped drinking them. Yes I had headaches, and yearnings for the soda but I held strong. I have to say that I had a sip of a friends the other day, and didn't miss it a bit, I actually thought it tasted off.

As far as the reading, I have been averaging a book every two weeksish.. But early on I found that I was getting stuck on an author or genre, thus I implemented a rule of reading in 3's. What does this mean? Simple.
1. A Better Me book- Mostly these are leadership books, but they have also been health books, travel books, etc. Some of my favorites include
The Gifts of Imperfection, By Brene Brown
2. Books that relate to something I am working on. This could be work, or volunteer. With October being Domestic Violence Awareness month nationwide... I have focused on books pertaining to the subject. I was blessed to be able to participate in a virtual book club, and webinar with the author of Crazy Love. thanks to being a member of Xi Omega Xi FSU Alpha Chi Omega Virtual Alumnae Chapter. I also read Crash Into Me -written by victim, Liz Seccuro's world turned upside down when she received an apology letter from the man who had raped her twenty-two years earlier. The rape, occurred when she was  at the University of Virginia. Both are great reads and offer readers a glimpse into what a victim faces.

Both of these DVA books were  great & I would love to send them to a reader to enjoy! Only catch is once you are done, you will pass onto someone else to enjoy. If you are interested in either of these books- just message me your address on the SimplySouthernGirlFacbeook page and I will pop them in the mail.

Next up, I try to read a book that is "just for fun" something I can escape into, something that truly is just fluff.

This month I reread Gone Girl, and two Shopaholic books...

So what is next on my list? I am open to suggestions... 

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