Eat local- sweet grass dairy

 The Mister and I are determined to discover Tallahassee and surrounding areas in 2015! Too often we find ourselves taking the area in which we live for-granted! First on our mission was a visit to Thomasville, GA that culminated in an evening at Sweet Grass Dairy. Sweet Grass is a local dairy located about 45 minutes from Tallahassee. Recently they opened a Cheese Shop/Bar and Chris and I decided to make a stop..
Above is the adorable bar, and a glimpse of a table set up. The walls are covered in Chicken Wire, and local photos, events, etc. The Bartender had a wealth of knowledge and engaged in conversations with Chris about local beers, ciders, and wines. Not only pairings, but places to purchase, etc

We opt'd for the Taste of Thomasville Sampler
The sampler included Green Hill, Lill' Moo, Thomasville Tomme, and Asher Blue.
The cheese was served with bread, nuts and local jams
Chris was a big fan of the Mayhaw jelly, and picked up a jar for us, and for a gift.

Above is the Baked Green Hill. It is the Green Hill Cheese baked with hen of the woods mushrooms, caramelized onions, bacons and thyme. It was served with sliced, toasted bread and was divine.
Chris also have the deviled farm eggs a try! He said I needed to figure out the recipe to make them, 
So I think that is a win from the mister.

now if you know the Mister, you know we can't go anywhere without C trying dessert. 
Chris opt'd for teh Greek Yogurt Cheesecake. It was topped with local spied pumpkin syrup. 
C said it was light but sweet dessert, and is something he wants to come back to have again.

With that being said..
We look forward to heading back to Sweetgrass and trying the Jessica's European Favorites, Double Down, or featured Cheese plates. 

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  1. Yay! Love that place and dairy. Wish we got there more often!