Shamrock rice crispy treats

Last St. Patricks day, I treated my team to Lucky Charms Rice Crispy Treats for St. Patrick's Day! 
This year I decided to do a little something different!

1/2 stick of butter 
melt in sauce pan then add... 
1 bag of small marshmallows (4 cups)
heat until all melted, mixing while melting... 
add green food dye (color to your preference)
remove from heat, 
add 5 cups of Rice Crispy Cereal
and then lay out on tin foil, cover with tin foil, and use rolling bin to roll to desired thickness
let cool
cut with cookie cutter!


  1. I love this simple St Patrick's Day idea. Who doesn't love Rice Crispy Treats?

  2. Cute idea for St. Patrick's Day or any holiday!