Dare to Dream....

Today I continue on my journey working to document the Alpha Chi Omega Global Service Initiatives trip. Please note, I am working on these posts from my cell phones (I didn't bring my laptop, or any other valuables to camp), thus there maybe a few typos along the way...

Tonight we ended our day with reflection time. The staff from Alpha Chi leading the trip has worked to carve out this time each evening. The time is spent by many reflecting on a prompt in their journals, or outwardly discussing with others. Being a processor by nature I have utilized the time each evening to inwardly process the events of the day.... the interactions I had, the sights I saw, and the conversations I was engaged in....

Today was a day that I can recap in one word DREAM.

Fellow alumna, Megan from Kansas who I already shared an affinity with (she is a fellow Chapter Advisor) shared in reflection that set set a goal for herself to visit all 50 states. I of course knew that Megan and I had to be friends. She shared that this trip was a step in fulfilling that dream.

Marc (the homeowner) shared his dream of having a completed house for his family. Marc's son Cole shared his room with us- sharing paint colors, where his bed would go etc,

Walt (the foreman) shared his story about giving back and his dream of making a difference.

I chatted with by husband via text during our reflection time, and shared my dream., in relation to my post yesterday that every difference makes a difference. My dream is that not only am I making a difference but that I am inspiring others to make a difference.  Yes, this trip is emotional for me. It is hard to city a city I love is such disrepair nearly a decade after Katrina, but it is important for me, becuase I dream of a day that the city will fully recover, and a day that others will see that to the world you maybe one person but to that one person you maybe the world..

and to close it is important to set dreams and goals for ourselves, but it is even more important to challenge ourselves and each other to achieve those dreams, and you never know who else you will inspire along the way..

What's your dream???

update: Megan shared more about her dream over on the Alpha Chi Blog, check it out..

She also shared a book, that I may or may not (OK I DID) have already ordered on Amazon! 
Megan shared:
“The Dream Manager,” by Mathew Kelly. He writes about the high percentage of turnover companies experience with their employees. His solution is to ask employees what their dreams are, and help them achieve those dreams via a company Dream Manager who is appointed to help everyone achieve their dreams. He found when employees are happy with their personal lives, they end up being better workers and more loyal to the company.

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