It is not about you....

 I posted yesterday about my arrival in New Orleans, and my excitement to attend and be apart of the Global Service Initiates trip for Alpha Chi Omega.  This trip allows myself and 11 other alumnae to make a difference in the Cresent City. 

Today we met the family whose home we would be helping to rebuild. We are working with a former New Orleans Police officer who found himself homeless after Katrina. Due to a law on the books in New Orleans, he also found himself jobless (New Orleans police officers had to live in New Orleans, this law is no longer) Upon finding another job (still a police officer) he bought this 1951 1 bedroom, 1 bath house with the vision to expand it to fit his family. 

We also met Walt, the foreman who oversees the various projects Camp Restore is working on. Prior to this Walt,  renovated churches throughout the Midwest. He suffered a heart attack and upon recovery was called to move on to rehabilitating homes in New Orleans. 

So today surround by my sisters, homeowner (Marc in orange) and Foreman (Walk in blue) we embarqed on a journey to rebuild. We learned how to install insulation & drywall, how to mix up mud, and how to float walls. We learned the importance of being humble enough to ask for help (big and small). We learned that dedication and heart can make a difference, and that as a team we can get stuff done!

But mostly today, when reflecting I learned that yes this trip may be physically and emotionally hard for many of us, but in the end it isn't about us, it is about those we will touch during our time here.

I am excited to leave Day 1 with drywall up in the living room, mudding started in bedrooms, insulation in the master bedroom, and the job site super organized! Can't wait to get back to it tomorrow!

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