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With the New Year approaching, C and I made some resolutions. One of our resolutions was to eat healthier and more adventurous. While I am not the biggest meat eater, the mister is, so I challenged him to switch beef for bison when possible. Bison is a  lean, nutritious protein.

So when I was asked by Ted’s Montana Grill if I'd like to try their new menu, the answer was of course a yes! Their menu offers hearty classics prepared with bison to revive authentic American entrees with classic comfort food like Karen’s “Flying-D” Bison Chili, Bison Meatloaf, or a classic burger.

So we made a reservation and headed to Ted's in Tallahassee.  We nearly rescheduled, as the weather turned cold and raining, but with crazy Holiday work schedules for the mister and I, we opt'd to brave the weather.  In route C was contacted by a highschool friend whom we invited to join.  We skipped a traditional appetizer to give the Flying- D Bison Chili and try. We got caught up in catching up and forgot to take a proper photo (blogger mistake) but Chris did capture this instagram photo. The Chili was just what we needed to warm up after braving the elements to get to dinner. 

When it came time for the entree. I went with a classic bison burger with fresh cut fries. The entree was filling, so filling I opt'd out of dessert. A good problem to have I'd say! C was ecstatic that they had a bison meatloaf on the menu (he is a sucker for meatloaf) He opt'd for a side of broccoli and mashed potatoes, and raved on how delicious his meal was!

As always holds true at the Tallahassee Ted's, we had great service, a knowledgeable server and delicious food. C and I also discovered that Ted's has a Nutrition Calculator online, and had fun planning around with that. While Ted's graciously picked up the tab for our meal in exchange for this post. I can tell you that we will be back in 2016!

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