Closet Refresh - part one....

Having worked in retail for the past 17 years, I often get asked about the staple pieces one should have in their wardrobe, what what I suggest for cleaning/purging of ones closet.

My honest opinion, is most people often already own great basics, and have a grasp on the pieces and fits that work best for them; the issue is the challenge is to find those pieces amongst the stuff that you "kinda like." I have found that consumers often purchase pieces that "kinda of work" becuase they are a "bargain" and then they have trouble pruging those items due to the fact they spent their hard earned money on those items. Truth be told I aim to use the filter of quality over quantity in my shopping. I find that quality will last longer than the shock of the price.

So let's get started on my process of wardrobe purging. I am to complete a major closet purge twice a year. Typically July/August after spring summer, and then again in January/February after fall/winter. I aim to keep items I truly love, and that work for me. From there I sell items that are not working on Tradesy. You can shop my closet from the prior link, and if you are looking to join click here, by signing up thru the link you will receive a  $20 shop credit (pending time of signing up, as this post will live past the promotion)

Set yourself up for success..
  • Open mind- you have to be open to the process, and enter knowing you will be purging and that the goal is not to keep everything. We must let some of the emotional attachment to items go, and only keep pieces that are right for our body and overall wardrobe
  • Full length mirror- This one is a biggie for me. In an effort to be honest with ourselves we must often try on some of our garments to see how they fit, are they flattering, etc. 
  • Nude undergarments- ok this goes with the above. I suggest wearing your most basic undergarments the day of the purge so when trying on pieces, you don't find yourself, defaulting to well if I was wearing a different bra, or I can't tell with these floral panties.. etc 
  • A plan!- I suggest doing the closet one day, the dresser one day, and then shoes, bags, and accessories on another day. Some people suggest doing it all in one day, but truly I find that overwhelming, and find that when I do it all in one day I tend to get rid of less.. 
    • in addition to the above plan. It is important to do all of a category at once. I start with dresses, move to skirts, then tops, sweaters, etc. If you are one that keeps items in more than one closet or dresser- you will want to pull everything out and arrange by category so you can get the full picture of what you actually own/need. This allows you too access things individually ie: How many black dresses do I need? Why do I own xx number of black sweaters, etc.  
  • Last but not least someone to keep you honest. This can be a friend or spouse who will join you for the process, or who will check in with you during the process to check in. This person can assist with an honest opinion, a positive attitude and even a glass of wine along the way. This person should be someone whose opinion you value and who understands your sense of style.. 

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