Cashiers, NC..... some of our favorite places to eat..

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Cashiers, NC 
Photo taken on lake Glenville

Favorite Restaurants
  1.  Corucopia -Love this history of this restaurant, and the cute little food shop attached. We typically get friend green beans for an appetizer, and I opt for the Cobb Salad, and this mister one of the many sandwich options
  2.  Orchard Restaurant - This is a favorite for a nice dinner in town. They have a good wine selection, and I can honestly say we are always delighted with the meal. Their fried green tomatoes are a great appetizer, and you cant go wrong with their FRANKLINIA RAVIOLI- Wild mushroom stuffed ravioli, roasted red peppers, wild mushrooms, spinach and asparagus tossed with a light basil cream alfredo sauce.  A favorite is also their SILVER RUN SEAFOOD AND PASTA
    Pan seared jumbo sea scallops, shrimp, Prince Edward Island mussels, and wild mushrooms all sauteed with roasted red peppers, roma tomatoes and shallots, in a garlic herb white wine broth with wild mushroom stuffed ravioli. (can you tell I like mushrooms)   Fun fact- they also have an adorable guest cottage. I will post more on that in an upcoming post.(will link when complete)
  3. Randevu -This is a favorite for brunch. The portions are large, and the omelets are amazing! They also serve lunch and dinner
  4. Slab Town Pizza - We gave slab town a go on our last trip to the cabin. The pizza topping offering is large, and the pizzas are huge! Great place to grab a pizza to go, or stop in and watch a game. 
  5. Ugly Dog Pub  - This is a favorite of ours. They are located in Highlands and Cashiers. If you stop into the Cashiers location look for a white framed photo of Georgia Anne on the wall. They have  a good beer selection, great live music, and a varied menu. They also support the local humane society with donations! You can't go wrong
  6. Bucks Coffee - Another spot that is also in Highlands, and is conviently located at 4 points intersection. This is a great morning stop before you head out, and they also often have live music in the evenings for you to stop in and have some wine. 
Check back for an upcoming post about some of our favorite hiking spots 

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