Charity Auction fun! searching for some new ideas...

As most of my readers know I am involved with both the sorority I joined in college as an advisor, and serve on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit. I am always reading and looking for new ideas for charity auctions. Silent Auctions, Live Auctions, Facebook auctions, you name them we have them.

We recently I discovered Charity Auctions, and while we have not yet utilized them. I feel the need to share this find with my readers, as I am completely jazzed on what they offer. I am looking further into what they offer for a few reasons. 1. would love to add an online component to our collegiate auction to engage with alumnae. 2. love the idea of the mobile auction for bidding- I mean who doesn't have a phone on them at all times these days 3. some of the big items we won't have to fork out the money upfront.

Big image image1
In relation to #3 above I was excited to check out the items they had to offer. And to check out some of the current auctions they had going on   (you can check them out here)

I have to say I am always drawn to trips/experiences and handmade items in auctions be it art, or something like this beautiful quilt. While searching all the current auctions/items I determined anyone can bid so for the next 11 days and 23 hours... I'll be watching this one for the here

While I was initially contacted to review charity auctions as a sponsored post, I decided to do so as I am love what it has to offer. All opinions and thoughts are 100% my own.

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